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If you’ve recently found yourself strolling around the backyard wondering what an alien’s head mysteriously lurking inside a duck’s gizzard is worth, I have wonderful news for you: the market price for such an item has just been set by Golden Palace Online Casino and is currently a respectable $9,600!

Following their most recent purchase of Warren Buffet’s ukulele, the Golden Palace Online Casino marketing team must have decided to head back down the path of their more wacky purchases, like the Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich ($28,000), the Britney Spears Pregnancy Test ($5,001) and the William Shatner kidney stone ($25,000).

If you’re wondering what CasinoRoom $100 bonus exactly all this is about an alien’s head inside a duck’s gizzard, the short explanation is that the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia put up for auction an X-ray image it took of a sick drake’s midsection that revealed the duck had either a close encounter of the third kind or perhaps it was nothing more than an odd arrangement of grain.

Golden Palace Online Casino jumped at the chance to buy such an item of interest – indeed, if you happen to find yourself in the possession of something wacky, weird or wonderful and are looking for a buyer, you could do worse than approach the Golden Palace Online Casino marketing team.

Of course, what shouldn’t be lost in all this is that the proceeds from this “close encounter of the mallard kind” will aid the 35-year-old non-profit organization working to release birds back into the wild after rescue.