Golden Palace Casino Doubles Down on Tournament Blackjack

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With the first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour premiering this weekend on CBS, there are many people who think the game of blackjack has the potential to rival online poker’s recent success.

Golden Palace Casino is buying into this theory with their latest investment in RNG Gaming, a company established to develop multi-player blackjack tournament software.

Golden Palace Casino is investing $600,000 in RNG Gaming. In return, Golden Palace will receive 20% equity in the subsidiary company, with an option to buy a further 30% stake at a later date.

With blackjack already being the most popular online casino game, Golden Palace Casino will be hoping the game can achieve the same dizzying heights reached by online poker in the last few years.

The success or failure of tournament blackjack will largely be determined by the interest generated by televised blackjack tournaments; however the concept of tournament blackjack holds a great deal of promise for a number of reasons. Firstly, the game itself is already played by millions of gamblers worldwide, in the form of casino blackjack or the card game 21. Secondly, new players will be able to learn how to play tournament blackjack at a decent level fairly quickly. Both blackjack and tournament blackjack are far easier to master than poker or tournament poker. New players to the game will be able to match it with the best players in a far shorter period of time than a new poker player might be able to achieve playing tournament poker against the professionals.

Bets on the future success of tournament blackjack are increasingly looking like very solid wagers.

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